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Get the most popular discount coupon codes for here. InkyPonky is a leading online kids store. Discount coupons are available for kids apparel, toys, books, diapers and other products. We keep adding new InkyPonky discount coupon codes regularly. Please give your feedback on these coupons so that fellow users can benefit. You can get all the latest InkyPonky discount coupon codes by subscribing to 'Coupons by Email' service on the right ->


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Inkyponky Coupons Review

Baby boom gives rise to a boom in baby websites! is one of the several baby websites that you can now go to for the largest range of branded kids’ apparel. The website is a relatively simple, clutter free website which categorises its goods into new born, girls, boys, accessories, toys and gift cards. This makes it rather easy for those who want to finish their shopping quickly. The homepage has links to some of the more popular brands like Mothercare, Gini&Jony, Benetton and Early Learning Care.


Website layout


The website seems to be a relatively new in the entire barrage of baby e-commerce websites that are available online. This is possibly the reason why the website is clutter free and easy to surf. The merchandise on display is limited though it highlights new arrivals. Some of the categories are not demarcated too well. For example the Baby Girl section under the New born section also lists down some obviously Baby Boy Clothes. The website also doesn’t have a unisex section. Diapers and Wipes are slotted under the Accessories section which is a rather strange classification. Again the brands under this section are limited. As other competing websites, Inkyponky doesn’t stock goods for mothers; neither does it do any other allied activities like baby parties, which can put many people off if they are looking for a one stop baby shopping site.


Selections and search


A simple search for Diapers did not yield any results when they stocked diapers and neither did toothbrush. Hmmm.  Also the choice is limited in Diapers and toothbrushes as well as the other accessories Inkyponky stocks. You can also select what you need based on your preferred price range – but since the range of goods is limited – you don’t have much choice there.


Inkyponky Coupons, discounts and payment options


Though there are no upfront discounts displayed on the website, potential shoppers can find suitable Inkyponky coupons on several coupon websites like this one. While your choice might be limited, Inkyponky discount coupons do ensure that you spend less. So, use these Inkyponky coupon codes and take advantage of all the offers, deals and discounts. In addition to this, the payment options on Inkyponky are limited to netbanking, credit and debit cards, cash cards and cash on delivery. However, it does not offer Paypal, which can be a rather down point for many shoppers.


Social media presence


Inkyponky is also present on Facebook and Twitter, although fairly recent since April 2012. Probably this is when they launched their website as well. Both are not very well populated – Facebook has only 21 likes. Inkyponky might need to develop these two social media presences to direct more traffic to their website. Currently both Facebook and Twitter ‘advertise’ and not ‘engage’. But these can be potent ways to direct the right kind of traffic to the website.
The website has a lot to learn from competing websites – which are way ahead in the race. Even fairly recent players like are ahead of and have interesting features like best sellers section or a section which auto-suggests what to buy – the concept up-selling products is missing on as well – which the website could include to increase sales.


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