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Get the most popular discount coupon codes for here. GetTheLook is a leading celebrity style store in India. Discount coupons are available for tshirts, jackets, jeans, shirts and trousers adorned by celebrities. We keep adding new GetTheLook discount coupon codes regularly. Please give your feedback on these coupons so that fellow users can benefit. You can get all the latest GetTheLook discount coupon codes by subscribing to 'Coupons by Email' service on the right ->


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Get the look Coupons Review

Really? There is a website for people who are obsessed with star merchandise? In the entire mad rush of e-commerce websites selling consumer and electronic goods, here is a website for movies, sports and TV show style and fashion junkies. A very well carved niche since Indian consumers are so used to idol worship and are perennially star struck – whether they are telly stars, sports stars or movie stars! stocks apparel and accessories from movies, sports and TV shows – making this is the ‘to-go-to’ website for those who want a piece of the magic.


Cool features on the website


Website Interface


The interface is clutter- free. Pleasing to the eye, the merchandise is very well placed on the website and allows you to browse hassle-free. The prints on tees displayed for example are very appealing and you might end up clicking on more than what you came to shop for! The website provides a customer care number and an email id for any customer queries right upfront on the page.


Selection and variety


Possibly because they are featuring only Avengers and Jodi Breakers, the selection is quite limited – not more than 12-14 tees for men and not more than 5-6 dresses to choose from for women. No merchandise from their previous collection are featured – possibly because this is a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ website – wanting to stock only what’s in and trendy. There is no concept of unisex clothing on the website.


Free Shipping, Free Return and Cash on Delivery


As with most advanced e-commerce sites, comes with free shipping for all its merchandise and Cash on Delivery. Since it has to do with apparel – with sizes coming into play, they also offer Free Return.


Payment options


You can check out the normal way once you add goods to your cart for cash on delivery option (in INR) or an internet banking / credit card options – or use the more convenient PayPal method.



There is no straightforward ‘customer registration’ as with other e-commerce sites. The guest login takes you to the registration page. A clever way of avoiding clutter.


Getthelook Coupons


The website accepts shopping Getthelook coupons and lets you avail of offers, deals and discounts. Shoppers don’t mind using Getthelook discount coupons to get a few bucks off on the wonderful merchandise that sells – especially when the Spiderman Tees are out! While consumers look out to save a buck or two, Getthelook coupon codes spring out promotion opportunities for website owners. With every Getthelook coupon you handout, you slash an enormous value from the price tag. This is how coupons help shoppers save money.   


Social media presence and Google visibility


The website has a good social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest with considerable followers and likes. Also some of their Google results throw up blank pages which can confuse a customer. Also their social media presence is only a means to ‘advertise’ rather than ‘engage’ – so there is little customer interaction on Facebook or Twitter. Their Style Blog is however quite impressive and well written, and well populated.


Get the look is not for regular shopaholics, even though the prices are affordable - but I strongly recommend this one for those who are influenced by the stars!


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