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Buy lingerie online

Are you the kind of woman who finds herself lured towards the lingerie racks at malls on a shopping trip that was initially planned around apparel or commodity purchases? Then we proudly pronounce you as a fledging carrier of the Infinite Lingerella Syndrome, a condition where no amount of bras and panties can ever be enough to satiate the soul. Now we aren’t tending towards Lady Gaga who parades the streets of Paris in leotards and barely there corsets. The Mamta’a and Maya’s of the Indian world would probably put a social ban on you if you attempted pulling a Gaga. Getting back to the point, if you happen to have and endorse the slightest degree of lingerie fetish, we’ve got some ‘Gyan’ for you ladies and for your awkward better halves too! :D

Get Branded Lingerie

Fancy seeing those foreign labels on women’s underwear but equally put off by the overwhelming prices? The exotic swimwear, sheer laces, push-ups and underwired babies are now more than affordable much thanks to a burgeoning phenomenon called eCommerce. All your favorite brands now list their lingerie catalogues on the best of Indian ecommerce sites like where you can avail of discounts all-round the year. The discount goes up to a mammoth 90% at peak sale seasons, something you can be prompted about by signing up for email notifications from the site. The site hosts regular sales or events as it terms by brands like Bewitched, Wolf and Playboy among other international brands!  An otherwise luxuriously priced bra will cost you barely half its market price if you use Fashion and you coupons and if you choose to pay online, the delivery is absolutely free.

Myntra Coupon

Get lingerie at 40% off from Myntra

You can find your choice of lingerie also at other ecommerce portals like (Yebhi coupons), (Myntra coupons), (specially dedicated to lingerie and swimwear). International lingerie brands like Enamor, La Senza and more now have independent portals in India where men and women alike can place an order for bras, panties, thongs, baby dolls, corsets and swimwear in any given size and variety(even the ones missing on the Outlet Shelves). These brands also have made their presence felt on social media sites like Facebook where you can check for ongoing deals and live coupons being offered. How convenient is that?

eCommerce saves the day for Men too

Men love the idea of gifting intimate apparel to their women, however much to the chagrin of judgmental and wide eyed witnesses at shopping arcades, comfortable and carefree browsing of lingerie remains just another fantasy. However, with the onset of lingerie retail in the online spectrum, shy boys can now be brave boys in picking adventurous ladies underwear for their lady loves without feeling awkward. ;)

Fashion and You Offer

Fashion and You offer

The Oomph Factor

Wouldn’t you agree? Feel sexy from within and the confidence translates to your body language. Nobody will ever know the secret behind your mysterious poised charm and we at can keep a secret. Even Victoria’s secret at that! *Hush* ;)

Do we match your wavelengths here? Hit us back with your thoughts and experiences on redefining retail therapy online in comments below!

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3 Responses to “Hot Lingerie at Super Hot Prices!”

  • Sweta March 29, 20124:34 pm

    Hi Ami, thanks for sharing. but what happens if i buy something from these online stores and it does not fit?

    Can I return it?

    Will I have to send it back or they will pickup?

    • Naimisha
      Ami March 29, 20124:52 pm

      Sweta, in case you don’t like the product or if it does not fit, they will take back the product. You don’t need to send. They generally get it picked up.

      However, you need to inform them asap as most of them have a fixed time by when you can return.

  • Sandy April 24, 20129:03 am

    You can get amazing lingerie from, through their summer discounts. And when you register through “” you will get rs.750 as welcome credits, and u can use it for any purchases. Even for products below rs.750. Such an amazing deal


3 Responses to "Hot Lingerie at Super Hot Prices!"