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February 2, 2012General


Discount coupon code and offers

The one characteristic that binds all Indians (including me?) is our inherent love for bargaining. We love discounts, discount offers & coupon codes. In fact, the 3 magic words for every guy or girl are not ‘I Love You’ but are ‘Sale is ON’.

Discount coupon code and offers

We Indian love discount offers and coupon codes

All of us will know of our family members/ friends who constantly haggle with the vegetable vendors to save each ‘hard earned rupee’. Each city has its own flea markets where the din of negotiations will cross all permissible sound limits!!

Curiously, as soon as we enter the glamorous world of high fashion / brands / luxury, we suddenly change – it is so funny to see when a person who bargains for a T-shirt at Fashion Street, not argue at all while buying a shirt at a mall! Or tip Rs. 100 to the door-keeper at a 5 star restaurant!

For years, this behaviour perplexed the marketing gurus. And then the realization dawned.

The bargain hunters (called value-seekers in management jargon) simply didn’t buy branded goods or bought very little. They simply love the excitement of bargaining in a crowded market – the money ‘saved’ is boasted off in close circles :) The brand is important but more important is the price tag :) Sophisticated environments where one cannot ask ‘Dene ka price bolo’ are simply avoided by value-seekers.

Once this basic tendency was understood, it was simply a matter of time before branded goods started getting offered on discount – technology married convenience and discount coupon sites were launched. (The owner of the site can claim to be one of the first in the online discount coupon space when he launched in 2008).

So here we are – Buy the best brands. Enjoy the best of experiences. Luxurious spas, the best of restaurants & classiest of products. What’s more – no need to shout at the top of your voice. Goods are already discounted. Take the discount coupon codes from and keep shopping!

Our reward ?? The smile on your face when you realize your neighbour paid a full price for a meal at that fancy restaurant when you yourself enjoyed a 50% discount offer.

Did we hear ‘Neighbours Envy , Owners pride’ ?

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4 Responses to “Discount Please – We are Indians”

  • Vinod February 2, 201211:56 pm

    So true. We Indian are like this only. We want discounts in everything. Hate paying the full price :)

  • Priya February 3, 201211:21 am

    These discounts, offers and coupons ensure that companies don’t make super normal profits from us customers.

    This is perfect economics.

    Guys, thank you for this website and keep up the good work.

  • Jill Shah on Facebook February 4, 20127:10 pm

    so true. i like to bargain and get a discount.

  • Nimesh March 22, 201210:44 pm

    Wonder how long will the internet shopping sites be able to dole out such large discounts and offers.


4 Responses to "Discount Please – We are Indians"