Celebrate Mother’s Day this year like never before!

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Happy Mother's Day

Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated with a lot of fervor- cards, gifts, soft toys, posters and every year, we all get excited about it and rush into the stores to purchase something for our darling moms as a token of love and appreciation. You actually don’t need a special to day to acknowledge your mom, it’s something you can do everyday. But sometimes it’s nice to single out just this one day when you can make a grand gesture or overture of affection to really show her what she means to you.

Like everything else, Mother’s Day too has an origin. Motherhood and mothers are celebrated all across the globe and have been for a very long time. This tradition hails back to Greek and Roman times when the festival of Hilaria was celebrated, in honor of the mother of Gods, Cybele. Around the world, Mother’s Day is usually celebrated in the months of March-May, differing from country to country. In India, Mother’s day is normally associated with the appearance of Durga and is celebrated as Durga Ashtami. However, the modern day Mother’s Day is celebrated, keeping in mind the American tradition, normally on the second Sunday of the month of May.

This year, Mother’s day falls on the 13th of May. So I think it’s time all you children out there plan something grand for your awesome mommy. Here are some suggestions to make your mom’s day really special:  You could plan a lovely, homey brunch for her, with flowers and some of her favorite food. You could prepare an entire meal for her and delight her with your culinary skills. You could plan a really eventful day for her, filled with shopping and fun that you could sponsor. Or you could gift a relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable spa treatment, where she can relive her stress and feel super pampered! You could also get really creative and make a collage or a card with lots of special photographs and create a really poignant mood.

Don’t fret if you think you don’t have the time to plan something elaborate. Make use of what is easily accessible and available to you- the Internet. With the explosion of shopping websites today, your options are wide and far-ranging and do you know what’s better? You can do it in the free time before meetings, on your way to work, while waiting at the airport for your flight- from anywhere and it’s absolutely hassle-free! So here are a few suggestions about what you could get your mom-

If you want to surprise your mom with some clothes, you could log on to shopping sites such as yebhi.com, shopperstop.com or myntra.com. You could choose from a wide range of options and make her look her stunning self!

If your mom is really tech savvy or you’re just tired of seeing her use some boring, old phone, you could gift her a slick new mobile phone from flipkart.com or futurebazaar.com, two sites which offer great deals on all kinds of electronics.

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. Well, jewelry really is a woman’s best friend. So you can gift her some gorgeous pieces by shopping from caratlane.com, suratdiamond.com or bluestone.com.

You could add a little something to her room or her study that she has wanted to buy for sometime now or something that would fit perfectly in the room. You could buy beautiful home décor items from yebhi.com, futurebazaar.com, jabong.com or pepperfry.com, at great prices.

On the other hand, if your mom is internet savvy and knows just what to buy herself, you could also opt for a more contemporary gift idea and present her with coupons or vouchers from her favorite sites. Gift coupons and vouchers for various shopping sites are available here and solve the hassle of you fretting over the perfect gift. Instead you can give your mother the complete freedom to buy just about anything she wants whether it is books, clothes, electronics or jewellery.

With so many ways to make your Mother’s Day special, this 13th of May will be nothing short of spectacular for your mother!

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