Cheap holiday packages that fit in your budget

September 12, 2012General


Cheap holiday packages As daily stress and worries take a toll on our lives, the one thing that most people hope for a good, relaxing holiday. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, thanks to the growing costs of just about everything. While there is no doubt that a getaway for a couple of days would be the perfect antidote to the upheavals and struggles of the wo... more ››

Pamper your favourite lady with great skincare products at awesome discount!

September 11, 2012General


Skin Care Coupons Beauty is only skin deep; true, but it doesn’t hurt to look good on the outside too, right? A little in-the-face beauty never hurt, provided the person is as beautiful on the inside as well. For every woman, young and old, who aspires to look her best no matter what the occasion, following is a list of skincare products she simply must possess. ... more ››

10 things you will love and they are on SALE!!

August 8, 2012General


Sale - Bags It’s that time of the year again when most people have started going berserk. The reason? Walk into any shopping mall right now and you’ll find a sale going on in almost every store. Considered the most perfect time of the year for shopaholics, sale seasons are about getting all those clothes, accessories and a range of other things that you have a... more ››

Online shopping – ultimate pit stop for your fetish for shoes!

July 19, 2012General


Buy Shoes Online In these times of high heel fashion, individual personas are invaluable instruments of orchestrating a desired impression. In the days of yore, people admired their equals on the basis of intelligence and talent. The present times have undergone a wave of change and people admire each other based on their outer appearance. If you’re clothes flash b... more ››

Celebrate Mother’s Day this year like never before!

May 8, 2012General


Happy Mother's Day Every year, Mother’s Day is celebrated with a lot of fervor- cards, gifts, soft toys, posters and every year, we all get excited about it and rush into the stores to purchase something for our darling moms as a token of love and appreciation. You actually don’t need a special to day to acknowledge your mom, it’s something you can do everyday. But s... more ››

Hot Lingerie at Super Hot Prices!

March 27, 2012General


Buy lingerie online Are you the kind of woman who finds herself lured towards the lingerie racks at malls on a shopping trip that was initially planned around apparel or commodity purchases? Then we proudly pronounce you as a fledging carrier of the Infinite Lingerella Syndrome, a condition where no amount of bras and panties can ever be enough to satiate the soul. No... more ››

Yebhi offers up to 50% off on United Colors of Benetton (UCB) collection

March 22, 2012General


united-colors-of-benetton Summer has come knocking at our wardrobes and its time we pull down our cozy socks and slip into those balmy slippers and clothes! What better way to embrace the season than to flit around in some stylish gear by the United Colors of Benetton. They nail summer fashion like no other brand does! Uh Oh! Hear that clinking sound? Would that be the s... more ››

Why shopping online for kids’ attire is an awesome idea

March 20, 2012General


Buy kids clothes online When was the last time you went shopping for your growing child’s kit? Was it just a month ago that you found yourself hitting one shop after the other and another looking for a pair of shorts to replace the ones your son outgrew? God bless Complan and its special powers ;) As much as we love those little nuggets, you’ve got to give; the sho... more ››

Discount Please – We are Indians

February 2, 2012General


Discount coupon code and offers The one characteristic that binds all Indians (including me?) is our inherent love for bargaining. We love discounts, discount offers & coupon codes. In fact, the 3 magic words for every guy or girl are not ‘I Love You’ but are ‘Sale is ON’. [caption id="attachment_305" align="alignleft" width="300"] We Indian love discount offers and coupon... more ››