About Us

To quote Madonna “We are living in a material world, and I’m a Material Girl” Hmphf! While, she should have addressed it to the other sex as well, what she conveyed here is profound!

To all you material girls and guys out there, welcome to Couponsoffers.in, a place where we encourage shoppers to make the most of existing offers and coupons they may or may not be already aware of. In doing so, we exercise retail therapy in its truest sense! Whoever invented coupons sure did us a world of good. How else would we have cherished the little wonder we call shopping! :)

What we love about coupons is that it makes seemingly expensive products much more affordable to the average shopper. We may go as far as suggesting that if eCommerce is a success today, Coupons have played a chunky role in making that happen. At a time when online shopping portals are aplenty and you have no clue about the sweepstakes, clearances and promos being organized at various sites, http://couponsnoffers.in/ acts as a bulletin board that lists all the active coupons at any given time that are available to users for purchasing products on respective eCommerce sites. This list is continuously updated so as to bring to you precise information that will help you cut down on costs whenever you decide to swipe your card.

Bring international brands like Adidas, Mango, United Colors of Benetton, Gucci, Esprit and more to your wardrobe at reasonable rates! Coupons help you save truckloads of money and at times fetch you discounts that amount up to 50%. We advocate the practice of using coupons every time you shop, in fact time your shopping-jaunts in a way you can avail of the ongoing promos on eCommerce websites!

Disclaimer: Do not, at any given point of your life, underestimate the supremacy of a coupon! They can change your life, period.


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